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The 4th National Fitness Scientific Congress

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  The 4th National Fitness Scientific Congress was held on November 1 to 4, 2018, in Xi’an. The conference was hosted by China Sport Science Society (CSSS)and organized by Xi’an Physical Education University. The theme of this Congress was “Scientific Fitness & Health for All”. Prominent leaders and experts from the China Preventive Medicine Association, General Administration of Sport of China, China Sport Science Society(CSSS), China Institute of Sport Science(CISS), Sport Bureau of Xi’anProvince, Xi’an Physical Education University,  Beijing Sport University, Tianjin University of Sport, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports participated in the opening ceremony. Meanwhile,approximately 500 delegates attended the conference, including professionals from sport bureau of each province, research institutes and universities.

  The congress set two forums: “New Idea, New Theory and New Methods in National Fitness”, and “Promotion and Implementation of Exercise Prescription”. The three-day congress also had several sessions covering various topics, including “National Exercise and Development of Mass Sports”, “Synergetic Development in New Cultural Conceptions of National Fitness and Competitive Sports”, “National Fitness in Various Populations”, “Fitness Surveillance and Theory of Scientific Fitness”, “Establishment of Public Service System in National Fitness of New Era”, “Motivation System and Methods in National Fitness and Physical Fitness Organizations”, “Integration of Sport Science and Medicine in Sport Injury, Treatment and Rehabilitation”, and “Research in Sport Facilities and Venues of National Fitness”. About 400 experts gave oral and poster presentations.


  CISS / Wang Jingjing