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  Integration of Exercise and Medicine Forum was held in Beijing on April 19, 2017. The Forum was co-hosted by China Sport Science Society (CSSS), Chinese Preventive Medicine Association (CPMA) and China Institute of Sport Science (CISS), and sponsored by Beijing Huabin Culture Foundation and Cooper Aerobics Big Health Company.

  The Forum was hosted by Zhang Liang, president of CISS. Duan Shijie, Chairman of CSSS, Kenneth H. Cooper, Founder of Cooper Aerobics, Hu Dayi, Vice Chairman of CPMA, Feng Lianshi, Vice President of CISS, Li Guoping and Zhu Li, Vice Chairman of CSSS attended the Forum.

  With topic of “Cooper Aerobics Supports Healthy China 2030”, the Forum gathered over 200 experts from various areas and provided an opportunity for them to give speeches and share their research findings.

  Meanwhile, CISS signed Strategic Partnership Agreement with Cooper Aerobics Center at the Forum.

  CISS/ Xia Yu