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  By the invitation of Professor Wolfgang, the president of ISBS, Hao Weiya and Ai Kangwei, researchers of Competitive Sport Research Center, attended the 35th International congress of sport biomechanics in Germany from June 14th to 20th, 2017.

  Hao Weiya gave a speech named “Effect of stiffness of knee and ankle alignment on the impact loads during landing in gymnastic floor exercise”. Hao’s report focused on the effects of the changes of leg joint stiffness on the ground reaction force, joint reaction and joint anti torque during the landing of Artistic Gymnastics and Horse Vaulting. Hao’s report received wide attention among scholars, during the conference he also deeply communicated with 4 foreign scholars who came from America and Japan and answered their questions in detail.

  Ai Kangwei showed his wall-newspaper that entitled“A method to obtain 3D kinematics data of whole high jump movement”, and used his new method to make a whole kinematic analysis of the High Jump Movement. Ai’s research results aroused widespread interest among scholars from the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain and other countries.

  During the conference, Hao Weiya and Ai Kangwei conducted a small range of academic exchanges with experts from the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, Austria and Australia. As the representative of Sport Biomechanics branch of China Sport Science Society(CABS), Hao exchanged views on the issue of CABS participating in the activities of ISBS with Dr. Randall Jensen, the secretary general of the ISBS.

  CISS/ Dai Tenghui